Help In Progress e.V. – Registered association to help the ones in need

Some of us went to The Gambia in April 2014 for vacation. Spending time with the locals we became aware that, with just a little help, we are able tho effect something in other countries.

We did all grow up in a privileged world not worrying about food, clothing, medicine or education. Visiting The Gambia in April / May 2014 made us think. We decided to help the ones in need, who are lacking of things that we take for granted. And it is not that difficult. Although when donating money most people are afraid, that the money does not flow into the projects themselves, but into all sort of other channels.

The idea is to fundraise money and goods and take them directly to our institutions abroad. We want to start to support a nursery school for 235 kids in Brufut.

Other contributors such as lawyers, tax advisors, schools, publishing houses, doctors etc. help us providing their work for free.