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In the first step we will support the nursery school in The Gambia, which we visited in April 2014, to stay open for another year.


Welcome to the school!

The Nursery School in Brufut hosts 235 children between the age of 3 and 8 years from the middle of September until the middle of July. There are 8 weeks of school-free time during the rain season, which is the most dangerous period for malaria.


Outside of the building, which is rented, there is an area of 55m x 28m where the children can play.

Only 50 school kids can afford the monthly fee of 100,- Dalasis which equals approximately € 2,- per month.


The school is set up of 3 unqualified teachers and 4 qualified teachers. Money is needed to sent further candidates to College in The Gambia.


How do we help?


In order to keep the school going, not much is required:


What we constantly need are school books in English, clothes, children‘s shoes, used toys, second hand computers.

We collect these items in German and bring them over to The Gambia.


Monthly fixed costs

Rental costs for the land and the school building 3250,- Dalasis  € 65,-

Teacher‘s salary with degree 3.500,- Dalasis € 70,-

Teacher‘s salary without a degree 2.500,- Dalasis € 50,-

A Cook 2000,- Dalasis € 40,-

Cleaning personal 2200,- Dalasis € 44,-

Milk powder (3x per week) 600,- Dalasis € 12,-

Lunch 7 per school kid 200,- Dalasis € 4,-


By the way, sectors such as education / health and agriculture are tax free sectors in The Gambia.



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