In order to keep the nursery school runinng for another year the following is needed:

  • A proper fence with a cement base 60.000,- Dalasis (€ 1.150,-)
  • A gate (4 metres) 20.000,- Dalasis (€ 400,-)
  • Furniture (table + chairs 70 in total) 1.500,- Dalasis (€ 30,-)
  • Swing set (3 would be great) 17.000,- Dalasis (€ 350,-)
  • Ceiling fans
  • An own school building *, in order to not have to rent anymore 1.000.000,- Dalasis (€ 19.000,-)

* 5 classrooms + 1 office + 1 kitchen + 1 storage room

Items such as the fence and the swing sets can be produced locally in Brufut, The Gambia.

What else is needed?

Life expectancy in The Gambia is 45 years. There are quite a few people who are older, but their number is low, since many children under the age of five die from illnesses like malaria. Only six pills are needed to treat malaria, but due to lack of money many Gambians have no access to a proper treatment. Six pills cost 500,- Dalasis (approx. € 10.)

Most of the children don’t have proper beds. These could be produced locally in Bruft The Gambia at one of the workshops.

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